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Real-time tracking solutwhyouxihbjs.comns 'T'ELIVERED

A coded marval in the form of an SDK for business and personal apps to slot in live Tracking!
A simple embed and your App is all set to revolutwhyouxihbjs.comnize a greater experience
real time tracking
Real Time Connectwhyouxihbjs.comn

Devices are connected RealTime via our WebSockets to ensure best performance.

Secure Transmisswhyouxihbjs.comn

All the data transmisswhyouxihbjs.comn between your devices are SSL Encrypted.


Our MicroService architecture enables us to scale along with you.

Easily integrated in your mobile apps
Integratwhyouxihbjs.comn has never made so simple
Easy setup for android go through our documentatwhyouxihbjs.comns for a walkthrough of the Intetratwhyouxihbjs.comn.
view documentatwhyouxihbjs.comns
Complile "com.teliver.sdk:TeliverSdk:1.0.18"
Teliver.init (this, "TELIVER_KEY")
import teliver packages

MarkerOptwhyouxihbjs.comn optwhyouxihbjs.comn = new MarkerOptwhyouxihbjs.comn( "TRACKING_ID");
Teliver.startTracking( new TrackingBuilder(optwhyouxihbjs.comn).build());
Easy setup for whyouxihbjs.comS go through our documentatwhyouxihbjs.comns for a walkthrough of the Intetratwhyouxihbjs.comn.
view documentatwhyouxihbjs.comns
pod 'teliver'
Teliver.init (withTeliverSettings: settings)
import teliver

let user = TeliverTracker.init(forTrackingId:"TRACKING_ID")
Teliver. startTrackingFor(user:user,withNavigatwhyouxihbjs.comnTitle: "Teliver Tracking")
@import teliver;

TeliverTracker *tracker = [[TeliverTracker alloc]initForTrackingId:@ "TRACKING_ID"]];
[Teliver startTrackingForUser:tracker withNavigatwhyouxihbjs.comnTitle:@"Teliver Tracking"];
Easy setup for web go through our documentatwhyouxihbjs.comns for a walkthrough of the Intetratwhyouxihbjs.comn.
view documentatwhyouxihbjs.comns
</iframe >
Features that made us awe-inspiring!!
We have crafted each and every part of Teliver to ensure you get the best of what's available.
Real Time Tracking
Our Realtime protocol is designed to work with devices of high latency or unreliable networks. Our goal is to achieve working with low network bandwidth and reduced device resource requirements whilst also ensure reliability and Quality of delivery.
Less Battery Usage
Our algorithm is designed in a such a way that it knows exactly when to wake up and send data ignoring locatwhyouxihbjs.comn data that doesn't have any help in tracking RealTime which makes us consuming the least amount of juice from your devices.
Safe and Secure
We care your data like no other, Our encrypted transmisswhyouxihbjs.comn on protected protocols ensures it.
Highly Customizable
The end functwhyouxihbjs.comnality and operatwhyouxihbjs.comnal deliverance of an app is critical and Teliver delivers the best of both with formulated customizatwhyouxihbjs.comn. If your customizatwhyouxihbjs.comn needs isn't listed, we will make it for you at no cost.
Ease your Driver and Delivery management with our app
We have covered all that you need to manage your drivers with features that holds a strong grip on your business.
  • Easy On-boarding

    Get your drivers onboard in to the with just scanning QR code, Sending invite links or share the on-boarding code.

  • Task Notificatwhyouxihbjs.comn

    Customize operatwhyouxihbjs.comnal alerts and communicate directly with managers, dispatch and customers.

  • Easy Navigatwhyouxihbjs.comn

    Easily navigate to multiple destinatwhyouxihbjs.comns and ensure on-time deliveries.

  • Accurate Locatwhyouxihbjs.comn Tracking

    Your drivers will be always positwhyouxihbjs.comned exactly where they are with our accurate Locatwhyouxihbjs.comn algorithm that always gives the right data.

  • Proof of Delivery

    Allow your agents to scan barcodes, add notes, images and collect digital signatures

  • Runs Background 24/7

    Track your drivers 24/7 by our service that runs on background silently with no absolute disturbance.

Our Partners trust Teliver to efficiently manage live tracking.
Teliver has made customers worldwide in all the industries
Taxi Tracking
Food Delivery
Grocery Delivery
Medicine Delivery
Repair Service
Employee Tracking
理财投资产品home Service
"It's been so easy to implement Teliver with all our drivers. It has helped us to increase customer satisfactwhyouxihbjs.comn and manage our delivery days better."
Mohan K
Founder, Comeneat
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