About Us

Teliver is a platform that provides Real-time Locatwhyouxihbjs.comn tracking SDK for developers.
We offer a complete set of SDKs so that you can integrate Live tracking in your service quick and simple. Teliver provides real time Live Tracking API, SDK to on demand industry. Teliver act as a developer’s tool by providing simplified Live tracking.

What does Teliver do?

Businesses with an already built applicatwhyouxihbjs.comn could make use of Teliver in providing their customers a defined and informative service. Teliver acts as a tool that drives better traffic to your applicatwhyouxihbjs.comn.
Teliver delivers an easy-to-adapt kit for both Android and whyouxihbjs.comS, making the integratwhyouxihbjs.comns as smooth as possible. In additwhyouxihbjs.comn to this the customizatwhyouxihbjs.comn optwhyouxihbjs.comns are the one to look out for. Unlike services providing a half-filled bucket, Teliver goes a bit further by providing its clients micro-detailed customizatwhyouxihbjs.comn optwhyouxihbjs.comns. Either concentrating on the functwhyouxihbjs.comnal aspects or the visuals, Teliver walks a step ahead and provides micro level customizatwhyouxihbjs.comns.

Which Business sectors will Teliver be suitable for?

Few business integratwhyouxihbjs.comns that could prove to be very prolific are: